Genius Hub Is Like A Paid Version Of Reddit’s AMA

Reddit’s traffic may be climbing amid its recent controversy and turmoil, but the company’s fate is now more questionable than before. And that means it’s time for competitors to swoop in to take advantage of Reddit’s inability to target those users looking for an alternative experience. Voat opened its doors to fleeing trolls, for example, and Tumblr launched its […]

Femsplain Rolls Out A Community Platform For Feminists

Femsplain bills itself as a “community-driven publisher,” and it’s looking to build that community with a new initiative called Femsplain Beta. The feminist site was launched last year, raised more than $30,000 via Kickstarter (I was a backer) and has already published personal articles from more than 250 female contributors. Those stories cover topics like cancer, kids (or lack […]

‘Watching People Do Stuff’ Is A Business Model And Sywork Is The Twitch For Illustrators

Watching people play video games. Check.Watching people play with apps. Check.Watching people do earnings. Check.Watching people draw things? Check. Now, anyways. Today, a company called Sywork (shorthand for “Show Your Work”) launched its new live-streaming service for artists and illustrators. Ever wonder what the process is behind beautiful oil paintings? Comic books? Well now you […]

Reddit Finally Bans Racist r/CoonTown And Other Hateful Communities, Updates User Policies

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman introduced an updated set of user policies Wednesday, which included details for how Reddit would be “quarantining” certain communities and banning ones which were particular awful, including the infamous r/CoonTown. Quarantined communities will be hidden from the general Reddit community and only visible to members of those specific subreddits that opt-in. The tactic […]

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