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Verizon’s latest privacy wrecking ploy: An unblockable supercookie that lets anyone track you on the internet

Over the last week, it has emerged that Verizon Wireless has been silently tracking around 100 million mobile customers using a supercookie that can’t be opted out of. The tracking cookie appears to be part of Verizon’s Precision Market Insights program, which started way back in 2012. AT&T has been testing a similar supercookie, but so […]

DARPA’s new autonomous quadcopter is powered by a brain-like neuromorphic chip

We might forgive a high-tech billionaire for making premature claims about the capabilities of autonomous vehicles. After all, keeping one between the relevant navigational beacons is piece of cake for special purpose algorithms running on digital hardware. The trouble is that those last few percentage points of occupant or bystander safety seem to get them […]

Princeton creates a custom 3D printer that prints quantum dot LEDs from scratch

When you think of 3D printing, something like the MakerBot probably comes to mind — just another contraption that can build physical objects out of plastic, or sometimes metal if you’re lucky. However, many scientists are interested in utilizing the tenets of 3D printing and additive manufacturing to construct small electronic devices completely from scratch, […]

New Google, and Larry Page’s continuing mission to explore strange new technologies

Google’s co-founder and CEO, Larry Page, has admitted that it’s time to find a new mission statement. The company’s mission, “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful,” along with its motto of “don’t be evil” — both coined more than a decade ago, in more peaceful times — seem idealistically quaint in a […]

An interview with Zoltan Istvan, leader of the Transhumanist Party and 2016 presidential contender

ExtremeTech has never been particularly interested in politics. That being said, as the focus of politics and politicians inexorably shifts towards technology, we might just jump in the water for a dip. Many might imagine that concerns of a more socio-political nature — like who is able to accrue what particular powers or possessions, and from […]

Intel’s 14nm Broadwell chip reverse engineered, reveals impressive FinFETs, 13-layer design

When Intel announced the details on its 14nm process last year, it raised eyebrows in some circles by claiming some extremely aggressive scaling figures. Put simply, Intel stated that it would deliver a better 14nm process with superior characteristics, die size, and overall efficiency than any competitive product TSMC, its largest foundry competitor, would release […]

Everspin teams up with GlobalFoundries to build commercial MRAM

As research into high-end next-generation memory heats up, we’ve seen a number of technologies  move from the drawing board to the functional prototype or limited commercial stage. The chip designer Everspin, which focuses on MRAM (magnetoresistive random access memory) is the latest company to announce a manufacturing push — it’s signed an agreement with GlobalFoundries […]

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