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Energy companies attacked with new malware exploit

A new exploit called Trojan.Laziok has targeted the energy sector. The attack focused on the Middle East, with Trojan.Laziok acting as a reconnaissance tool letting attackers steal data from compromised computers, according to Symantec. The attack targeted petroleum, gas, and helium companies using spam emails from the domain. The emails contained a Microsoft Excel attachment […]

Federal agents responsible for sacking Silk Road charged with money laundering, fraud, and theft

When the federal government took down the illicit drug laundering website Silk Road, it was the conclusion of a massive investigation and surveillance operation conducted over several years from multiple offices. The investigation culminated in the arrest of Ross Ulbricht, aka the Dread Pirate Roberts, who was convicted of all charges and faces 30 years […]

Google discovers new security holes in SSL — is the entire system fundamentally flawed?

Google has discovered that an intermediate certificate authority had issued unauthorized certificates for multiple Google domains. The problem arose because the intermediate authority, MCS Holdings, had issued certificates for the Google domains, despite not holding those domains itself. The reason it’s critical that companies not mint certificates for websites they don’t operate themselves is because […]

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