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Congressman defends voting to repeal ISP privacy rules because ‘nobody’s got to use the internet’

Congress and the President, historically, don’t have the best grasp of how the internet works or ought to be managed. This tendency cuts across both parties, from Ted Stevens’ (R-Alaska) infamous comments about a “series of tubes,” to bipartisan (though somewhat Democratic-leaning) SOPA support, to Trump’s declaration in December 2015 that we should ‘close the […]

Future Firefox versions may slim down, use less memory thanks to new ‘Performance’ option

Firefox has long been playing defense against the unstoppable juggernaut of Google Chrome (to be fair, Microsoft isn’t in much better shape). Over the past year, we’ve reported on Mozilla’s attempts to add multi-threading support to its existing browser, and yes, the rather silly new logo that the organization came up with for itself: “Moz://a,” […]

Facebook gets better at spotting fake accounts, spammers

While you’re busy browsing through photos from your friends and liking their opinionated political rantings, Facebook engineers are busy trying to weed out fake accounts and comment spam, and apparently they’re making progress. First Facebook announced it’s making progress in “protecting the integrity of activity” on the social network: basically busting fake accounts that aren’t […]

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