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An exception to Ohm’s Law? Graphene makes electrons act like a viscous liquid with ‘negative resistance’

Opposites attract. It’s one of the fundamental rules that explain why electricity and magnetism do what they do. Magnets and charge have two “flavors” we call poles, like charges repel, and the electrical polarity of the system determines which way current will flow. Except — apparently graphene puts an asterisk after Maxwell’s equations. Two teams […]

Energy company Joi Scientific claims it can revolutionize hydrogen economy — without evidence

Startup Joi Scientific is claiming to have perfected a method of extracting hydrogen from water that would revolutionize green energy production, both in the United States and across the world. This new technology, dubbed “Hydrogen 2.0,” supposedly solves all of the problems related to a hydrogen economy. But the company can’t tell anyone what it […]

Slime can see: Living lenses use micro-optics to sense direction of light

Some cyanobacteria are tiny, photosynthetic Beholders, according to an international team of scientists. We already knew that Synechocystis bacteria are pretty good at managing their photonutritive needs. They can move preferentially towards a light source of the right color and intensity, which implies that they can “see” the difference. But how can such a tiny cell, simpler […]

What are gravitational waves, and where does physics go from here now that we’ve found them?

This week, a team of physicists published a paper in the journal Physical Review Letters with more than 1,000 contributing authors. As you might expect, this paper is of monumental historical importance: After a century of waiting, physicists have finally confirmed the existence of gravitational waves. In so doing, they’ve confirmed the last major prediction […]

Gravitational waves: One tiny chirp confirms both general relativity and black hole science

This week, physicists from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) published a monumental confirmation of classical physical theory: gravitational waves exist. That’s it, nothing much more complicated than that. Very few details have been derived from the signal they recorded, but even this simple, binary proof is making enormous (ugh) waves within physics and astronomy. […]

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