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Hawking, Zuckerberg unveil $10B plan to reach Alpha Centauri in 20 years

A group called Breakthrough Initiatives, headed by Stephen Hawking, Russian philanthropist Yuri Milner, and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, has maybe the most ambitious plan in human history: send a man-made mission to another star. This billionaire-funded project will involve a mothership, solar sails, super-lasers, and a swarm of near-light-speed probes no bigger than the common smartphone […]

Ford’s next decade: Silicon Valley-style campus for 30,000 will rise in Michigan

Ford Motor Company is going Silicon Valley. It’s transforming 70 suit-and-tie era buildings dating back to the 1950s into fewer buildings on two main corporate campuses. The buildings of each campus will be connected by covered walkways, eBikes, autonomous shuttles and on-demand vans. The 10-year project will colocate 30,000 people in closer proximity, into buildings […]

Experimental battery uses bacteria to charge and recharge

Rechargeable battery technology has been improving incrementally in recent years, but we’re still working with the same heavy, dangerous, expensive materials. A group of researchers from The Netherlands has devised a new biological battery that charges and discharges with the aid of bacteria. They’ve tested this system on the small scale and managed 15 charge […]

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