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How do SSDs work?

Here at ExtremeTech, we’ve often discussed the difference between different types of NAND structures — vertical NAND versus planar, or multi-level cell (MLC) versus triple-level cells (TLC). Now, let’s talk about the more basic relevant question: How do SSDs work in the first place, and how do they compare with new technologies, like Intel Optane? To understand […]

South Africa may be the epicenter of a geomagnetic pole reversal in progress

Don’t start running around like your hair’s on fire, but this might actually matter. The Earth’s magnetic field is so discombobulated over South Africa that some scientists believe we’re seeing the opening strains of a planet-wide polarity change. What have scientists observed? We already knew that the poles of the Earth’s magnetic field sometimes reverse, […]

‘Locked-in’ ALS patients get a voice thanks to this new mind-reading machine

For decades, one of the most troubling difficulties of treating patients with certain types of neurological disorders has been the complete inability of doctors to communicate with these patients, in any fashion. Modern technology has helped millions of physically or mentally disabled persons express themselves or better communicate with caretakers, but locked-in syndrome has been […]

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