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Self-Driving Cars Pose Thorny Ethical Questions in AI

One of the most interesting aspects of self driving cars, and one too often passed over by car companies extolling the virtues of this new technology, is the ethical dilemmas inherent to autonomous vehicles. Yes, I’m talking about the undergraduate philosophical thought experiment called the trolley dilemma. In this old chestnut, a runaway trolley is […]

MIT Research Could Make Neural Networks Portable

Computers aren’t just getting faster these days–they’re getting smarter. That’s thanks largely to artificial neural networks, which consist of multiple nodes of processing designed to interpret and understand data more like a biological brain. Neural networks are behind modern software features like voice recognition, computer vision, and even beating humans at Go. However, neural networks need […]

How IT Can Save Our Healthcare System

The health care debate continues to rage in Senate, the media, and in the public discourse. Call it Obamacare, Trumpcare, AHCA, ACA, Better Care Reconciliation Act – the current law, and the current proposals in Congress to change it – all claim to provide affordable access to health care for Americans. In reality, the law is […]

Massive Iceberg Splits Off From Antarctic Ice Shelf

It’s getting increasingly difficult to deny the reality of climate change as another large piece of the Antarctic ice shelf has broken free. The newly birthed iceberg is 6,000 square kilometers (2,316 square miles) in size, making it the third largest iceberg in recent history. The iceberg isn’t going anywhere yet, but this map-altering change […]

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