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Russia ramps its submarine patrols back to Soviet-era levels as it modernizes its fleet

The head of the Russian Navy, Admiral Vladimir Korolyov, has stated that Russian submarines now spend more days at-sea and on-patrol than at any time since the Cold War. These remarks, made during the launch of Russia’s newest nuclear-powered attack submarine, the Kazan, sound ominous, particularly given recent remarks by a Putin spokesperson that US-Russian […]

Far out: tidings from beyond the rim, and a historic first for reusable rockets, this week in space

SpaceX successfully launched and landed its reusable rocket! This achievement was the first time we’ve ever managed to launch, land, refurbish, and re-use a rocket for a second launch. SpaceX is calling the rocket, a Falcon 9, “flight-proven” as opposed to “secondhand,” “used” or “reused.” The entire launch and landing went off without a hitch, […]

Trump can roll back MPG rules with a stroke of the pen. It’s not so easy to roll back climate change.

The Trump administration wants to back down from the 54.5 mpg fuel economy mandate for automobiles and back away from the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan. Businesses in general like the new plan, as do automakers and coal miners specifically. They say fewer rules lowers manufacturing costs and makes American factories competitive. There are problems […]

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