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Sony’s new sensor is designed to help self-driving cars see better

Quality cameras, as we’ve written before, are essential to any self-driving car. There are certain crucial tasks, including lane line detection, reading street signs, and accurately interpreting street lights, that only a camera can make possible. Until now, companies working on autonomous vehicles have mostly been limited to using either small cameras similar to those in […]

ExtremeTech explains: What is the MOAB?

American forces dropped the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) bomb on an ISIS cave complex in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, early in the morning local time on April 13, 2017. GBU-43/B, also nicknamed the Mother Of All Bombs with the same acronym as above, was designed to intimidate, as part of the original “Shock and […]

Best cars of the 2017 New York auto show

It’s that time of the year again: Mainstream cars get their due at the 2017 New York International Auto Show, along with fuel cell concepts, mega-SUVs, and an 840-hp barely legal five-passenger Dodge sedan/drag racer. Toyota brought to New York its eighth generation Camry, the country’s top-selling sedan; Hyundai refreshed the Sonata, its best-seller; Buick […]

Nissan Rogue Dogue SUV puts Fido first

The best seat in the Nissan Rogue SUV “Rogue Dogue”  special edition is the padded cargo compartment for carrying your dog comfortably. It has been outfitted with a safety harness, non-spill water bowl, pull-out ramp for loading and unloading, a doggie shower and dryer, and even a video camera for capturing your dog’s head-out-side-window experiences. […]

New composite image shows auroras on Uranus

The gas giants Jupiter and Saturn have garnered more attention over the years because they’re closer, and let’s face it, they look cool. Uranus is easy to overlook out there in the outer solar system, but there are some newly released images from NASA and the ESA that might make you notice it again. The […]

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