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Philips reverses course on Hue, will restore third-party compatibility

Yesterday, we covered news that Philips would lock down its Hue smart lighting platform and block third-party compatibility. The news was not well-received by the community at large — especially given that Philips lighting products are significantly more expensive than its competitors. Its claims of needing to perform “continuous validation” on another company’s products were […]

Know what a FPGA is? Then the Snickerdoodle is for you — and better than the Raspberry Pi

Snickerdoodle is a $55 ARM-based development board that launched as a competitor to the popular $35 Raspberry Pi. Snickerdoodle is currently in crowdfunding mode, with a projected product release date of March 2016 if the group reaches its funding goal. I spoke with Ryan Cousins, who is the co-founder and CEO of krtkl, Inc., the company attempting to manufacture […]

EU probes Samsung LCD efficiency claims as real-world testing show huge discrepancies

The EU has announced that it will investigate multiple reports that Samsung’s LCD panels cheat on energy efficiency by detecting when standardized tests are run and adjusting dynamic brightness levels in order to obfuscate their actual panel use. Samsung has denied any wrongdoing — while the company acknowledges that power use can vary significantly by […]

Terahertz breakthrough allows for ultrafast wireless communications

A collaboration between US and Japanese researchers, have developed a key component in order to enable wireless communications which operate up to 100x faster than current generation routers. Current wireless communications operate at microwave frequencies, however as the demand for faster speeds and larger bandwidths increases, scientists are looking for ways to alleviate the communication […]

Canon’s 250-megapixel sensor can read the side of a plane from 11 miles away

Each time a new, higher-resolution sensor is introduced, there is speculation that we’ve reached the theoretical limit of what is possible with today’s technology. As pixels get smaller, image quality suffers. In particular, smaller pixels mean a lower native ISO, and in turn a decrease in low-light image quality. Small pixels also start to be effected by the […]

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