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North Korea kicked off the internet by giant DDoS: Was it the USA, or someone else?

Yesterday evening, North Korea was unceremoniously knocked off the internet by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. This comes shortly after the US government promised a “proportional response” to the Sony Pictures hack, which the FBI believes was carried out by North Korea. While it would be rather funny if the US government was responsible […]

Who really hacked Sony Pictures? It probably wasn’t North Korea (updated)

North Korea was indeed responsible for the massive hack on Sony Pictures, according to officials from within the US government. This follows on from Sony cancelling the release of The Interview amid threats of further attacks from the hackers — including threats of terrorism against cinemas if they show the movie (which lampoons the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, […]

MPAA’s plan to break DNS in the name of fighting piracy – exposed by the Sony hack

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. The content creation industry, led by technological know-nothings and an influential group of purchased politicians are pushing for a set of laws that could fundamentally damage the underlying structure of the internet. Is this SOPA? The Trans-Pacific Partnership? No — it’s information leaked from the Sony hacks showing […]

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