Erm, Atari is making a hat… with speakers in it

The winner of today’s ‘Movie Tie-In We Were Not Expecting’ award goes to Atari, which is teaming up with Audioware and collectibles company NECA to create a… hat with speakers in it. To accompany Blade Runner 2049’s release later this year. Yep.  It’s a strange one for the resurrected gaming company, now better known for […]

Amazon Echo 2: what we want to see

It’s been a couple of years since the Amazon Echo was first released in the US, and it makes sense that Amazon would have started to prepare a follow-up.  Sure enough, we’ve heard reports of the company doing just that. According to a source, Amazon is preparing to release the new speaker later on in […]

Samsung unveils its 2017 flagship soundbar, the MS750 Sound+

Joining its existing 2017 lineup of soundbars, Samsung has just announced the MS750 Sound+ Soundbar, which it’s calling its flagship soundbar for 2017.  The 5-channel soundbar contains 11 speakers consisting of three wide-range tweeters, six woofers and two ‘vertical’ wide-range tweeters.  Samsung claims this speaker configuration is capable of vertically expanding the sound stage, although […]

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