This multi-port accessory adds back everything Apple removed from the latest MacBook Pro

Apple’s new MacBook Pro is a dongle-happy mess for anyone who uses peripherals manufactured prior to 2017, since the system only supports Thunderbolt 3 by default. Apple’s solution to the problem has been to push users towards a variety of dongles for replacing various aspects of Mac functionality. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with dongles, but […]

Google takes a stand against proprietary fast-charging in Android devices

For the past few years, a number of smartphones have offered so-called “fast charging” solutions. These options are meant to charge the device rapidly (Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 is one such example). Earlier this year, we discussed how USB-C and QuickCharge 3.0 were incompatible, thanks to their different requirements for device voltage. The USB-C specification […]

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