5 Features That Will Reshape Phones

It’s been ten years since smartphones were reimagined by Apple as a mainstream device, and now everyone has them. It’s about time for some big changes, though. The first round of 2017 flagship phone releases is behind us, and we’re starting to see some interesting trends. The shape of phone screens is changing, charging is […]

Google takes a stand against proprietary fast-charging in Android devices

For the past few years, a number of smartphones have offered so-called “fast charging” solutions. These options are meant to charge the device rapidly (Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 is one such example). Earlier this year, we discussed how USB-C and QuickCharge 3.0 were incompatible, thanks to their different requirements for device voltage. The USB-C specification […]

Intel’s incredibly fast Thunderbolt 3 switches to USB-C connector

Ever since Intel launched its high-performance Thunderbolt interface, it’s been fighting to win market share away from USB devices. There’s never been any question of which standard was faster — first-generation Thunderbolt blew USB 3.0 out of the water — but higher device costs, expensive cables, and limited OEM uptake have limited Thunderbolt’s market penetration. […]

USB-C vs. USB 3.1: What’s the difference?

With the launch of the Apple MacBook and Google’s Chromebook Pixel, USB-C (also called USB Type-C) and the accompanying USB 3.1 standard are both hitting market somewhat earlier than we initially expected. If you’re curious about the two standards and how they interact, we’ve dusted off and updated our guide to the upcoming technology. The situation […]

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