The Best Games of E3 2017

In one sense, E3 2017 was something of a disappointment. Sure, Microsoft had its new half-step console to unveil, but we spent the majority of the press events watching trailers for games that we already knew about going in. But in spite of the lightly crushed expectations, there were still plenty of games to get […]

Diving into Project Scorpio’s backwards compatibility, 4K, VR, and 1080p support

Now that we’ve discussed the basic technical specs of Project Scorpio, Microsoft’s follow-up to the original Xbox One, it’s time to cover some of the ancillary information, like 4K support, 1080p goodies, and VR functionality. Microsoft and Sony are pursuing different strategies with their new refreshed hardware, so it’s worth exploring what each platform offers […]

The best free games on the PS4

On the PC, free-to-play games have received an impressive level of critical and commercial success in the last decade. However, it wasn’t until very recently that console devs started to move in that direction in a big way. Developers of all sizes are entering the fray, and as such, we wanted to see exactly how […]

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