Nest to permanently brick Revolv smart home devices

Back in 2014, Google/Alphabet’s Nest bought a rival home automation company, Revolv. Prior to the acquisition, Revolv had focused on building a smart home automation system that could control lights, open doors, and even brew coffee on demand. Post-acquisition, Revolv stopped selling its own products, though it pledged to continue supporting its existing customer base. […]

Philips reverses course on Hue, will restore third-party compatibility

Yesterday, we covered news that Philips would lock down its Hue smart lighting platform and block third-party compatibility. The news was not well-received by the community at large — especially given that Philips lighting products are significantly more expensive than its competitors. Its claims of needing to perform “continuous validation” on another company’s products were […]

Philips updates Hue, introduces lightbulb DRM

Philips Hue is a smart light system that’s designed to allow users to create their own lighting “scenes” using pricey bulbs that interface with smartphone apps on iOS and Android. Philips uses the Zigbee protocol for communication between the Hue bulbs and the network bridge station, which means that Hue should support third-party bulbs. Up […]

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