Nvidia claims Pascal GPUs would challenge Google’s TensorFlow TPU in updated benchmarks

Last week, we covered Google’s internal benchmarks of its own TPU, or tensor processing unit. Google’s results revealed that the TPU is much faster than a conventional GPU for processing inference workloads, at a fraction of the power consumption. While machine learning still takes place on GPUs, Google’s TPU results are a significant leap forward […]

Google’s dedicated TensorFlow processor, or TPU, crushes Intel, Nvidia in inference workloads

Several years ago, Google began working on its own custom software for machine learning and artificial intelligence workloads, dubbed TensorFlow. Last year, the company announced that it had designed its own tensor processing unit (TPU), an ASIC designed for high throughput of low-precision arithmetic. Now, Google has released some performance data for their TPU and […]

Google says it can cut JPEG size by 35 percent with its new Guetzli algorithm, but our tests don’t back that up

Google has announced a new and improved JPEG implementation that it claims can shrink file sizes by as much as 35% with better image quality than you’d see in an equivalent standard JPEG file. That kind of improvement would be significantly useful, if true — repeated studies have shown a distinct correlation between website load […]

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