Samsung aims to conquer the memory market with HBM3

True advances in technology are rare. The expense and difficulty of launching brand-new initiatives means that companies tend to prefer iterative improvements. Every now and then, however, we get the best of both worlds — an iterative improvement that could deliver enormous gains to a wide slice of the consumer market. At Hot Chips, Samsung […]

Micron confirms GDDR5X now in mass production

This announcement might seem a bit anticlimactic now that Nvidia has already stated that the GeForce GTX 1080 will use GDDR5X RAM, but Micron has announced that GDDR5X is now in mainstream production, months ahead of its originally expected schedule. One interesting thing about the GTX 1080 is that the RAM it uses is at […]

Micron sees strong yield, high speeds on GDDR5X, but will anyone use it?

Last fall, Micron debuted GDDR5X as an evolutionary approach to next-generation GPU memory. Today, Micron is announcing that its GDDR5X pilot program is already up and running, with mass production expected by the summer. Yields are reportedly excellent, with bandwidth already hitting as much as 13Gbps on early hardware. Mainstream GDDR5, in contrast, topped out […]

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