Netflix No Longer Available to Rooted, Unlocked Android Devices

Update:  The “unlocked” devices Netflix is refusing to support may refer to bootloader-unlocked devices rather than carrier-unlocked devices. Carrier unlocking refers to the practice of allowing a device purchased from one company to run on another company’s network, while bootloader unlocking allows a smartphone to run a completely different version of Android (or in some […]

Microsoft, Sony, and other companies still use illegal warranty-void-if-removed stickers

One of the ways manufacturers coerce users not to modify or even open hardware they’ve purchased is through warranty-void-if-removed stickers. These stickers are common on electronics equipment — Microsoft uses them on the Xbox One, Sony has them on the PS4, and you’ve probably owned a phone that had at least one somewhere. These stickers are almost […]

New Oculus DRM gave VR piracy a big boost

The first consumer VR headsets are just starting to ship, but choosing between the two options is an important call for early adopters. Both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift cost $600 and there’s already some exclusive software. Oculus recently added a “platform integrity check” to make sure its exclusive games could only be played […]

Philips reverses course on Hue, will restore third-party compatibility

Yesterday, we covered news that Philips would lock down its Hue smart lighting platform and block third-party compatibility. The news was not well-received by the community at large — especially given that Philips lighting products are significantly more expensive than its competitors. Its claims of needing to perform “continuous validation” on another company’s products were […]

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