Coffee Lake

Asrock Confirms Intel’s Coffee Lake CPUs Will Require New Motherboard

Ever since Coffee Lake appeared on various leaked Intel roadmaps, there have been questions about whether it would be supported on existing 200-series motherboards. Back when Intel used a Tick-Tock model, there was less uncertainty–LGA 1155 supported Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge, Z87 supported Haswell and Devil’s Canyon (Z97 supported Broadwell as well), and the […]

Leaked roadmap claims Intel will bring six-core chips to mainstream PCs with upcoming Coffee Lake

Ever since Intel launched the Core i7 back in 2008, it has pursued a fairly consistent core allocation and marketing system. Intel’s top-end mainstream parts are quad-cores with Hyper-Threading enabled, both on the desktop and the laptop. It’s been that way for nearly a decade, but if a leaked roadmap is accurate, that’s about to […]

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