What is blockchain, and can IBM, Intel, and big banks use it to remake the internet?

Linux was once thought of as the ugly duckling of OS world, an indulgence appealing only to system administrators, power-users, and shut-ins. Today, the Linux kernel underlies Google’s Android OS, the most widespread mobile platform in the world, and when the Linux Foundation announces a new open source initiative, the biggest companies in the world […]

Forget big data — it’s already obsolete

It’s tough to pick up a publication today without seeing something about big data. Everyone is talking about it, and there are some very good reasons for that. In fact, the equation is pretty simple, and goes like this: Data when processed becomes information, information when analyzed becomes knowledge, and knowledge when applied becomes intelligence. From […]

Cisco allegedly altered sales records, purchase orders to beat US sanctions on Russia

Last year, the United States began enforcing sanctions against Russia as a means of pressuring that country to cease its operations in Ukraine and withdraw its forces from that country. The effectiveness of sanctions is debated between international policy wonks, but there’s one thing everyone agrees with: It’s hard for sanctions to work if companies […]

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