Intel claims its integrated GPUs now equal discrete cards

For more than a decade, the phrase “Intel integrated GPU” was synonymous with “terrible graphics solution.” The first Intel motherboard with integrated graphics, the i810, had terrible performance, even in 2D desktop work. The 2D graphics performance improved, but Intel’s 3D capabilities were more-or-less terrible until the launch of Sandy Bridge. Since Sandy Bridge debuted, […]

Confirmed: GlobalFoundries will manufacture AMD’s mobile, low-power Polaris GPUs

When AMD unveiled its new Polaris architecture, there was still some question as to where the new graphics processors would be built. Historically, AMD has built GPUs with TSMC and used GlobalFoundries for its CPUs and higher-end APUs, which use integrated graphics. GlobalFoundries has now officially confirmed that this is changing at 14nm. In a statement, the […]

AMD’s Carrizo architecture detailed and explored

AMD has taken the wraps off its Carrizo APU — its next-generation mobile architecture and final iteration of the Bulldozer architecture that debuted in 2011. And overall, Carrizo is in an odd position. On the one hand, it represents the pinnacle of AMD’s long effort to improve the Bulldozer architecture’s efficiency and reduce its power consumption. It […]

Intel launches new 65W socketed Broadwell chips with supercharged graphics, 128MB L4 cache

Intel is launching multiple new Broadwell desktop and mobile processors at Computex. While the company’s Broadwell rollout has been an ongoing process, these new cores are noteworthy for two reasons: They’re the first desktop processors to offer Intel’s 128MB L4 cache, known as Crystal Well, and the first socketed Broadwell parts to offer the 128MB […]

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