New Ethernet standards will offer up to 5Gbps performance using cables you already own

Consumer Ethernet performance has been stuck at gigabit speeds for nearly 20 years. Apple was the first company to ship gigabit Ethernet in motherboards. Intel’s 875P chipset popularized the feature in the PC market by connecting the Ethernet controller to the northbridge, thereby offering improved performance. Thirteen years later, gigabit is still the standard for […]

Netgear Orbi aims to kill your wireless dead zones with mesh networking

Demand for in-home Wi-Fi bandwidth continues to soar. Cable companies are rolling out faster internet connections as households increase their number of connected devices and HD video consumption. Until recently, getting high-performance Wi-Fi coverage through a large home or apartment has required some technical heavy lifting. Now, however, there are several options for easy-to-install, mesh-based Wi-Fi systems. The […]

How to extend Wi-Fi coverage throughout your whole home or office

Now that Wi-Fi is becoming an integral part of just about every new piece of consumer electronics, and even many appliances, it is more important than ever to have a usable wireless network throughout your home and office — and possibly your yard. Unfortunately, the typical ISP’s simplistic model of providing a single “all-in-one” modem+router+wireless gateway for your […]

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