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TransferWise launches ‘Borderless’ banking account for businesses, sole traders and freelancers

Having already taken a significant chunk of the international money transfer market away from the major banks, London-headquartered TransferWise has its sights set on the bank account itself. Moving beyond simply sending money from one country to another, the company is launching its “Borderless” account, a new online banking account aimed at businesses, sole traders […]

Feast It lets you book ‘street food’-styled catering for your next corporate or social event

London-based Feast It, an online marketplace that lets you book ‘street food’-styled catering for your work or social event, has picked up $440,000 in seed funding. Backing the young company is Jeremy Mogford (founder of Brown’s restaurants and owner of Mogford Hotels & Restaurants), Tim Burridge (early investor in Hummus Bros) and Tim Brennan (founder […]

Echodyne homes in on $29 million to give drones and self-driving cars ‘radar vision’

Autonomous vehicles all need sensors that can help them detect and avoid objects in their environment. And to operate at high speeds, these sophisticated machines need to identify objects ahead precisely, and early enough, that they can avoid crashing into them. Existing systems have included light ranging and detection systems and cameras, primarily. But the […]

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