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You don’t want to be taking chances when it comes to choosing the best utility software for your PC, Mac, Linux computer, or Apple iOS, Google Android, or Windows 8 mobile device so read our utility software reviews on anti-virus, backup, data compression, debuggers, disc cleaners, network managers, system profilers, and other system software. Let Post5 Review help you make the right decision the next time you buy utility software. Our expert editors review, test and compare utility software so you know which is right for your needs. We provide buying guides and shopping advice for top utility software packages from companies such as Norton, IOLO, Avanquest, CCleaner, AVG, and more.

Google+ Now Has Manual Photo Editing Tools

It’s a common joke: Hey, remember Google+? Google has made it a technically popular social network by, de facto, forcing everyone to enroll in it. But if you haven’t been on it in a while, or ever, Google is working hard to ensure you eventually use it. The latest addition? Photo editing tools. Auto-Awesome Goes […]

ProSoft Engineering Data Rescue 3 Review

Through the years I’ve talked about far too many of my shortcomings when it comes to dealing with electronics. Be that as it may, you would think that doing multiple backups of hard drives would ensure that I’d not be boxed into a corner. But I was. Time for a bit of background. About two […]

Microsoft Adds POP3 Support For Hotmail

Not sure how I missed this one but Microsoft recently enabled POP3 access for users of Hotmail. What this means is that you can now easily check your hotmail on external non-Microsoft e-mail clients and mobile devices without the messy plugins and workarounds. Here are the settings: POP server: pop3.live.com (Port 995)   POP SSL required? YesUser […]

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