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JBL iPhone 5 OnBeat Rumble Speaker Costs $399

I’m a huge proponent of Sonos.  It’s the premium in home wireless streaming music system, though there in lies the rub; it’s for home use only.  So if you’re still seeking an iPhone 5 compatible speaker solution, you might want to look at JBL’s latest offerings, which includes the Venue, and now the just announced […]

Jawbone Big Jambox Review

Bigger isn’t always better, right?  That’s a rather old adage, and while it stands true for many things, gadgets included, it’s anything but the case for Jawbone.  And good thing, because their Big Jambox, which costs $250, sounds vastly better than the first, perhaps more than twice as good. The first Jawbone Jambox was a […]

POC Skateboard Helmet with Dr. Dre Headphones Built-in is All You Need to Get Your Kid to Be Safe

There are a myriad of skateboard helmets with headphones built-in.  However, most, if not all of them are off-brand headphones that hardly make the mashup of products attractive. Beats by Dr. Dre partnered up with POC Sports to produce the Receptor BUG Communication helmet.  Yup, that’s the product’s name, but that aside it looks to be […]

Logitech UE Smart Radio Review

Make no mistake, Logitech’s UE Smart Radio is simply a rebranded version of Logitech Squeezebox Internet radio.  But that’s no reason to overlook the piece of kit.  The UE Smart Radio is small, easy to use and packs in a decent audio punch despite its diminutive size. The UE Smart Radio is portable, though it’s […]

NuForce Launches HP-800 Monitor-Class Over-Ear Headphones

Recently, because of the great mobile device explosion of the 201th century, companies have spread their efforts quite thin when making headphones solutions. Stellar music playback is no longer the sole concern. Today’s headphones wear multiple hats. Manufactures endeavor to blanket more aspects such as call quality, Bluetooth support, noise isolation and more. So it’s […]

Onkyo RBX-500 iLunar Music System Promises the Sweet Spot Regardless of Where You Stand

My skeptcism meter begins to tingle when a company claims to eclipse the average competitor.  In this case it’s an iPod/iPhone dock that promises immersive 3D sound, the Onkyo RBX-500 iLunar Bluetooth Music System. Onkyo teamed up with  Swiss company Sonic Emotion, who develops a piece of tech called Absolute 3D sound.  As you’ve probably deduced it bathes […]

Logitech UE 9000 Wireless Headphones Review

Adopting ear-expert Ultimate Ear is proving to be a high performance move for Logitech. The quality of the products has been great so far, if a bit astronomical in price. At some point I should drum up some sale-through numbers. Yet despite being in the red or black, the quality has been golden. So it’s with firm […]

Hands On with Sony’s Tap 20 Touchscreen Windows 8 Mobile Computer

Until recently, usable touchscreen computers have been more marketing spin than reality.  That isn’t to say these gesticulating influenced machines haven’t existed.  In fact, quite the opposite.  They’ve simply lacked an operating system, aside from iOS and Android, that have been well suited for prodding and poking.   Enter the now venerable and much-anticipated Windows 8 operating […]

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