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Post5 Review provides information on the best cell phones to be released from major brands, as well as cell phones reviews to help discerning consumers choose which brand is right for them. Our experts also compare cell phone providers of companies like Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket and Virgin Mobile, among others: We help you find ways to analyze services and save money, as well as provide insight on the latest marketing strategies the big providers are using.

OnePlus 3T Smartphone Review

OnePlus is newer smartphone player in the Android space that likes to stir up the market. It’s known to produce probably the most competitive offering, or “Flagship Killer”. The OnePlus 3 that dropped the past summer was the company’s best effort to date, proving to be a force to be reckoned with even against top-end smartphones close […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone Review

**Samsung has now officially discontinued the Note 7 after numerous consumer reports of the device catching on fire. The company initially attributed the issue to a battery manufacturing flaw from its supplier and attempted a recall and replacement of all original Note 7’s with units that had “safe” batteries. However, the problem was still present as reports flooded in of […]

Review: Updated: OnePlus 2

The tricky second album. That’s probably the best way to describe the OnePlus 2. After the surprise success of the OnePlus One there were big expectations for its successor, so has the fledgling Chinese brand delivered? OnePlus dubbed its second phone ‘the 2016 Flagship Killer’, a claim that was more than a little far-fetched. So […]

Knowroaming Review

Traveling abroad in the near future? Then you need, yes need to take a hard look at KnowRoaming. KnowRoaming offers cell (aka mobile) phone service without the exorbitant cost. Sure, on a day by day basis it’s more expensive than your post-paid bill, but that almost goes without saying. And it’s effectively a hell of a lot cheaper than […]

Best Smartphone Plan

Narrowing down the best smartphone plan among the multitude of choices from the wireless carriers can be a tricky endeavor. We’ve all had to do it, and I doubt many folks left the store completely understanding all the options. Many consumers simply stick with the carrier that they’re used to, or just go based on someone else’s recommendation. So […]

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