Cameras and camcorder reviews

Cameras and camcorder reviews

Pentax K-70 review

Pentax is pitching the K-70 at the outdoor photography market, promising “new opportunities and discoveries in scenic photography”. It’s dustproof, weather-resistant and cold-resistant down to -10 degrees Celsius. There are 100 seals throughout the body, including the articulating LCD display, and the grip is designed to stay grippy even when you’re wearing gloves. Despite all […]

GoPro Karma Drone

The Karma Drone has been GoPro’s soap opera. It’s been a rollercoaster of excitement and disappointment, all of which started with vague sightings and rumors leading up its grand arrival – and the long-awaited drone was then recalled a few months later, when a fatal battery flaw began causing drones to lose power mid-flight and […]

Sony Alpha A99 II

Sony may have enjoyed great success with its full-frame Alpha-branded compact system cameras, but the arrival of the A99 II shows it hasn’t given up catering for pro users with its DSLR-like SLT system. With a high-resolution, full-frame sensor on board and plenty of exciting tech alongside, Sony clearly believes that not everyone who’s after […]

Nikon D5600

Nikon’s entry-level DSLRs can be split into two groups: the D3xxx series, epitomised by the excellent D3300, offering a very affordable way into DSLR photography; and the D5xxx range of DSLRs designed for those looking for a few more features and greater creative control.  The D5600 is the latest camera in this latter series, replacing […]

Logi Circle

Update: When we reviewed the Logi Circle, we enjoyed how simple it was to setup and use on a day-to-day basis. However, we criticized it for not offering a video backup solution. Since then, Logi has introduced Circle Safe, a tiered subscription service that allows you to backup video clips for later viewing. The free […]

Canon EOS M5

While Canon has, along with Nikon, long dominated the DSLR market, it has struggled to replicate that success with mirrorless cameras. The EOS M was underwhelming to say the least, with poor autofocus performance, while the EOS M3 and M10 haven’t really progressed the range that much. The arrival of the M5 could shake things […]

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