Auto Tech Reviews

If you’re considering the purchase of a vehicle, then this is the time to look up the best auto tech features for your car, truck, or van. Is it a fuel-efficient car that you’re looking for? Or one that offers best-in-class performance? Automatic windshield wipers, cruise control, biometric vehicle access, driver override systems, and advancements in windbags, Gadget Review covers all the latest innovations by manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Buick, Chevrolet, Hyundai, and others. Stay with us, and you will not only learn about auto tech but also save money with your vehicle purchase, maintenance, and when you wish to resell it.

Escort iX Radar Detector Review

My Escort iX Radar Detector review shows a robust radar detector that is able to take advantage of the latest technologies, including crowd sourcing, false signal filtering, and visible and audible alerts about radar traps. The Escort iX gives the user plenty of personalization options, including filtering out the X-band or Ka-band while in an Auto mode, […]

Best Police Radar Detector

When compiling a list of the best police radar detector units, we considered a wide range of options from numerous manufacturers, seeking a unit that works fast above all else. If the detector cannot warn you quickly enough, you’re going to receive a ticket. Then you’ll feel like demoting that detector to its new job as an overpriced paperweight to […]

Best Cobra Radar Detector

To find the best Cobra radar detector we sought out units that can provide you with not only an immediate alert, but ones that can also limit false alarms (aka false positives). These features make Cobra units much easier to use, which is why our #1 pick is the powerful Cobra SPX 7800 BT ($88.55), combining unmatched speed with […]

Waylens is a Smart Cam for Your Viral Car Videos

Who do we have to blame for the dashcam craze? The innumerable YouTube videos catching the most incredible utccidents? Those crazy Russians and their penchant for accident fraud? Our mobile, always-on culture? Well, no matter who you blame, you can finally join in on the fun by equipping your own dashcam, the Waylens. Well, Waylens […]

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