YouPorn-sponsored esports team banned from ESL

Gaming’s biggest esports league has banned a high profile team for being sponsored by YouPorn. The ESL (Electronic Sports League) issued the ruling despite offers from Team YP to change its name and drop all outward reference to its sponsor. Team YP has been backed by the adult entertainment website since late 2014, but has […]

Tekken X Street Fighter officially on hold

Long-awaited fighting crossover Tekken X Street Fighter is officially “on hold”, game director Katsuhiro Harada has confirmed. Talking to GameSpot, Harada explained that this year’s launch of Street Fighter V and the upcoming release of Tekken 7 had made it difficult for Namco to find “a good window” to release the crossover, leading to the […]

UK Video Game Chart: Ratchet & Clank is No.1

Ratchet and Clank, the sub £30 remake of the original game in the franchise, has entered the UK video game chart at No.1, reports Chart-Track. Not only did the remake outsell the 2002 original’s launch week, but it also bettered 2009’s franchise leader A Crack in Time by a factor of three. Dark Souls 3 […]

There's life in Rock Band 4 yet

Despite riding a rocky road since its release, Rock Band 4 isn’t going anywhere just yet. Developer Harmonix has announced “big, big” expansion pack this September. More details on what that expansion will contain are set to arrive in June at E3. Speaking over the weekend at a PAX panel, Harmonix team members also laid […]

Android apps might be coming soon to Chrome OS

Google’s Chrome OS might soon get a serious shot in the arm that will make it a lot more enticing. Users on Reddit recently noticed that the developer version of the platform recently revealed an option to run Android apps on it. Redditor ‘TheWiseYoda’ found that that when the settings loaded on their Chromebook, an […]

New video game sparking huge debate

Despite being a work of fiction, this game has upset some people. BRITISH games developers Deep Silver Dambuster Studios are nearing the completion of their first mission with the upcoming release of first-person shooter Homefront: The Revolution. Set in an alternate 2029 where a reunified Korea has invaded the USA, the game takes place after […]

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