Now You Can Share ANY File in Dropbox by Right Clicking

Dropbox Sharing

Dropbox might be the simplest and easiest way to share photos and documents amongst friends and coworkers regardless of their smartphone or computer’s OS.  However, for a long long time, you’ve had to place a file in your public folder if you wanted to share it without providing specific user permission by sending it directly via the app, web interface, or by associating their email address with the folder that houses the file.  That is until now.

Starting today, you can now easily share any file within your Dropbox account by simply right clicking, and selecting  “Share Dropbox Link”.  This will be followed by a pop up bubble that will say that the link has been copied to your clipboard.  To share it just paste it into your IM or email window.  Blamo easy.

Updated: June 13, 2013 — 7:02 pm

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