Gleamfire Wants to Change the Way You Wash Your Car, Forever

You may have thought that washing your car was about as low tech as you could get, but you’d be wrong thanks to Gleamfire, a pretty incredible car washing device that’s all about controlling how much water you use.

It helps that Gleamfire looks more like a sci-fi power source than a car washing bucket, but the project continues the comparison by focusing on the tech inside the column of water and how it can help when you’re ready to get your hands soapy. Well, technically, the device is designed to work with your mitt, getting the right amount of water and soap on the mitt without wasting any.

In short: fill the Gleamfire device with your car washing solution of choice and the right amount of water. Second, drop your mitt into the appropriate canister. Third, pump at the top of the unit. This pumping action will help clean off your mitt and reenergize it with a new help of soapy water. At the same time, it will pump the dirty water through the polyether foam filters at the bottom of the device to clean and make it suitable again. Fourth, take out your mitt and use it again.


Of course this won’t help you save any money when it comes to rinsing your car off, but according to Gleamfire the device only needs around 1.5 gallons of water to work, while the average bucket takes up twice that much. There are a couple other benefits, too. If you are deeply in love with your car, you may cringe at using dirty water for washing, and the pumping device skips by that problem with its filtering mechanism, which can last up to a year without needing a replacement. It also replaces all the squeezing and wringing you have to do.

If summer has your thoughts turning toward your car’s condition and maybe getting it a bit shinier, you might be eager for an eco-friendly, water saving way to wash. Well, first the Indiegogo campaign has to get funded, and second, the device wouldn’t come out until summer of 2016, so for now you’re stuck with your old bucket. If you want an early bird special on the device, you can get one for about $100. Pricey for a bucket, but you’re helping to save the planet so, you know.

Updated: May 28, 2015 — 1:00 am

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