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How PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds emerged from the messy history of survival shooters

After 20-something hours of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, my Steam recommendations are a wasteland. I’ve sunk a meaningful amount of time into a game with the words ‘early access’, ‘survival’, and ‘shooter’ in its tag cloud, and Valve’s algorithm knows something about those. The earliest manifestations of that ‘what if DayZ but dinosaurs’ phenomena occupy three slots […]

4K on a budget: the GTX 970 experiment

Can Nvidia’s now-discontinued GeForce GTX 970 successfully power a 4K ultra HD display on a range of challenging PC games? On the face of it, the notion sounds ludicrous – on a specs level we’re severely constrained by memory capacity, bandwidth and of course, basic compute power. But consider this: the prices of 4K monitors […]

Ellie Gibson on E3

In the beginning was the word, and the word was: “EXCLUSIVE.” And Lo, the word did boom out across the Microsoft E3 conference at regular intervals, as though the voice of God was speaking; as though the Lord has nothing better to do than tell everyone that Black Desert will be available only on Xbox. […]

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