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What's up with Nier: Automata on PC?

Widely acclaimed when it launched – receiving a Eurogamer Recommended no less – it’s the PC version of Platinum Games’ latest title that we’d been waiting for. Even running with the raw power of PS4 Pro, resolution is limited to 1080p, but more worryingly are the frequent glitches and stutters – especially prevalent during the […]

Gambling Commission warns parents about gambling websites

The Gambling Commission has warned parents about gambling websites, calling them “parasites feeding off popular video games”. The UK Gambling Commission recently helped secure a first-of-its-kind prosecution of two men running a FIFA gambling website called FUT Galaxy that let users place bets using FIFA’s coin-based currency. YouTuber Craig “Nepenthez” Douglas was ordered to pay […]

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands review

Wildlands is that familiar glossy contradiction, the “gritty” quasi-realistic open world blockbuster – a work of great craft and care that’s also a work of macabre war tourism, wowing you with its geography even as it casually up-sells the bankrupt fantasy of playing global policeman. Aside from being another Ubisoft love letter to icon-studded map […]

Oculus Rift price cut

Oculus has announced a price cut for its Rift and Touch controller bundle, as well as the Touch controller itself. Interested? In the US, Rift plus Touch is now $598, down from $798. A Touch controller on its own is $99, and the price of an additional Oculus Sensor is now $59. Oculus’ UK pricing […]

The case for a video game musical

After years and years of protestation, I have something to admit: I bloody love musicals. I’m not sure why I’ve felt it hard to tell people about my love of a good old-fashioned story-driven sing-song – it’s probably a combination of schoolyard intimidation and terrible memories of one production of Yeoman Of The Guard. Still, […]

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