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EA says no, your FIFA matches aren't rigged

For years some FIFA players have suspected the game of cheating. They believe that buried somewhere deep within FIFA’s code is secret scripting that helps players out if they’re losing or makes the game harder when they’re winning. It’s a belief fuelled by frustrating goalkeeper parries that lead to tap-ins, top quality strikers missing open […]

Nex Machina review

Good arcade designers often work with four words buzzing around in their brains: What Would Jarvis Do? Jarvis – and I hope I don’t need to explain this – refers to Eugene Jarvis, and he’s amongst the greatest twitch game designers of all time. With Defender, he created a coin-op legend, a game so overwhelming […]

Take-Two shuts down GTA5 cheating tools, makes its creators donate proceeds to charity

Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two Interactive has been widely criticised by fans recently over its legal threats shutting down popular modding software OpenIV. However, it also recently shut down some less benevolent GTA5 mods that enabled cheating in GTA Online. Weirder, the game publisher is making those responsible for these game-ruining experiences to donate their […]

TopWare responds to Two Worlds 2's sudden microtransactions update seven years after launch

Last week Two Worlds 2, a seven-year-old role-playing game, got an expansion. But the PC version got something else too, something unwanted: microtransactions. In a new Marketplace section of the game’s main menu – screenshots from a Reddit thread – were optional purchases for in-game skill books, materials, crystals, cards and money, each ranging in […]

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