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How things end

It’s 1978. You’re standing in front of a cabinet of monsters. This is Space Invaders, and you’ll fight the monsters until your space-craft is irredeemably compromised. Once that happens, the game will end. Once that happens, you’ll begin again, with the world wiped clean. Every game always ends. Nothing remains between games but high scores, […]

All work and no play

Few video game protagonists keep to strict working hours, and how could they? When there’s a war to win, a world to save, a lover’s heart to ensnare and all the other grand and arduous problems that a game designer asks us to solve, it would be practically irresponsible to clock off a five for […]

Terraria has sold over 20m copies

2D sandbox game Terraria has crossed the 20m sales threshold, developer Re-Logic has announced. While Terraria’s been around since May 2011 on PC, the game’s scope has grown such that it still amassed 8.5m of those sales in the last 18 months (since version 1.3 launched on PC). One reason for this is that Terraria […]

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