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HTC Vive review

One of the big strengths of Oculus Rift is its plug-and-play simplicity. Put the camera sensor on the desk, plug in the cables and one simple calibration later you’re good to go. There’s a certain level of simplicity to it, tempered only by the nagging feeling that the product’s feature-set just isn’t complete. HTC Vive […]

Enter the Gungeon review

Game designers learn about this power early into their careers. The virtual gun remains the most useful tool in the designer’s box; nothing is better suited to giving players the ability to affect objects both near and far, or with such delicious kickback of cause and effect. Click. Bang. Thud. Virtual guns make us feel […]

Hardcore Henry review

One hot summer’s day as a young teen, I casually sauntered into our local computer shop. Sat in the corner was a PC, running a copy of Wolfenstein 3D. Although I’d seen primitive 3D games before, I’d never seen anything like this, and I got stuck in. I killed Nazis. I opened doors. I reluctantly […]

Hyper Light Drifter review

In a library at the top of the world, I found a few moments of peace. The journey up the mountain had been hard, past frosted willows and over ancient tumbledown staircases. Crows attacked – huge things in robes, capable of violent magic. Wolves sent deer scattering. And then I found my way here: to […]

Samsung Galaxy S7 review

Last year, we applauded Samsung’s apparent willingness to listen to its critics and change the way it makes smartphones. The result was the wonderful Galaxy S6, a premium metal-and-glass handset more than capable of going toe-to-toe with Apple in the desirability stakes – and one of the most powerful phones of 2015. The positive reception […]

Quantum Break review

Six years ago, Helsinki-based independent Remedy Entertainment came in for criticism that, with the long-awaited Alan Wake, it sometimes seemed more interested in making a film than it did a video game. Its follow-up feels like a typically Finnish stroke of dour, deadpan humour: with Xbox One and Windows exclusive Quantum Break, it’s gone in […]

Adr1ft review

When Adr1ft was announced at the end of 2014, the initial reports immediately compared it to Alfonso Cuarn’s spatially dazzling thriller Gravity. At first glance this is not an unfair comparison. Both are near-future space adventures which are aesthetically similar, blending the deep black of space with the harsh whites of human endeavour and dramatic […]

Dirt Rally console review

To understand rally and, by association, Dirt Rally, a British video game that conjures all of the long-form drama and complexity of the sport with unmatched brilliance, you must first disavow yourself of the notion that it’s simply a case of reaching the finish line first. That’s like saying a war is won merely by […]

Oculus Rift review

By Richard Leadbetter Published 28/03/2016 The biggest surprise coming out of our Oculus Rift testing? This isn’t just a piece of hardware. It’s a platform. Once you strap on the display and immerse yourself into Oculus Home – the front-end of the system – this becomes obvious. Buying games, accessing your library, downloading content, hooking […]

Samorost 3 review

Arguably the most appealing aspect of point-and-click adventures is not solving the puzzles themselves – though they’re often a joy – but that moment something whirs into life. Where you’re tinkering around with a mechanical puzzle and a new animation triggers. Progress! It’s a strange genre that way, in which the smallest victory can feel […]

Trackmania Turbo review

What’s the most hardcore PC driving game? You might be surprised by one very credible answer. You can spend hours perfecting set-ups on iRacing, or erecting three screens and a fully pneumatic D-Box rig for a tricked-out Project Cars experience, but nothing compares to the steel-edged challenge of Trackmania, a driving game with its own […]

Fallout 4 The Automatron review

The thing I like best about Fallout 4’s first DLC pack is that it lets you decide precisely how pissed off you want to feel about Bethesda’s companion AI. Automatron’s customisable robot buddies come in all shapes and sizes and so, of course, do Fallout’s environments – it’s therefore wise, before entering a derelict building, […]

EA Sports UFC 2 review

On December 12, 2015, Conor McGregor broke the record for the fastest knockout in a UFC title fight. It took just 13 seconds for the Irish featherweight to land the critical punch, flooring the incumbent champion, Jos Aldo, in less time than it takes to brew a cup of tea. The bout was remarkably short, […]

Salt and Sanctuary review

Lots of games compare themselves to Dark Souls these days. Why wouldn’t they? From Software’s instant classic began as a niche import with Demon’s Souls before taking the world by storm and spreading its influence everywhere. “It’s like Dark Souls with zombies” Ubisoft would say about Zombi U. “It’s like Dark Souls with cars” people […]

Day of the Tentacle Remastered review

Day of the Tentacle isn’t just arguably the best adventure ever made, but the Platonic Form of the genre in all its puzzle-solving, dialogue-tree ripping, twisted brain logic joy. It might not be the most exciting, nor has it the best story – it lacks the drama that intersperses Monkey Island’s comedy, and even Sam […]

Sheltered review

Sheltered has turned me into a child slaver. Sort of.. I mean, my children are regularly fed and watered. They get sleep whenever they need it and opportunities to use the restroom, even shower when we’ve had a proper rain. The only thing I ask of them in this post-apocalyptic survival simulation is that they […]

Pokkén Tournament review

At the heart of Pokkn Tournament’s battle system is a change in perspective. To fully appreciate it, I needed to adjust my own. There are two modes of combat at the heart of Bandai Namco’s melding of Tekken’s crunchy pugilism and the Pokmon franchise. You start in Field Phase, with the camera positioned up and […]

The Division review

A week after the release of The Division, maybe we’re finally in a position to pin down exactly what this big budget genre hybrid is. Maybe not, though. In the run-up to the launch of this ambitious online open world action RPG, countless comparisons have been made to Destiny, Bungie’s own MMO-tinged shooter, though that […]

Raiden 5 review

For 20 years the trend in shmups has been to pack the screen with as many bullets as possible, but Raiden likes to play things a little differently. This, after all, is a series that helped shape the modern scrolling shooter as we understand it today, so why should it follow even the most protracted […]

Hitman review

Hitman rediscovers its agency in this strong start for IO’s episodic series. By Edwin Evans-Thirlwell Published 10/03/2016 Version tested PlayStation 4 Editor’s note: We will review the full season of Hitman once every episode has been released. But, as it is a systems-driven sandbox game, we feel that there is enough to go on in […]

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