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Town of Light review

“When you’re mad, you cease to exist.” The Town of Light is a game set in an asylum, and several decades of games like it have taught us what those words mean. Spookiness. Evil experiments. Something sinister in the basement. Jump-scares. This doesn’t have any of that, but don’t for a moment think that means […]

Bravely Second review

Editor’s note: Bravely Second is out now on 3DS, so here’s our review from late last week in order to let you know whether Square’s JRPG sequel is worthwhile or not. Let me tell you a story: there was once a gung-ho old pirate and an effervescent teenybopper. They both wanted the rights to a […]

Superhot review

Turns out there is a killer trick to creating hyper-violent entertainment: do the slow stuff fast, and the fast stuff slow. That’s literature right there. And cinema. Someone doing crucial research into a baddie’s tax affairs, or the ballistics analysis on a bullet lodged in cartilage? Montage, I reckon. Or handle it over the phone. […]

Far Cry Primal review

Picture a moment in space and time. It can be anywhere and anywhen. It could be aeons ago, long before the first upwardly mobile fish ever unlocked the ability to walk on land, or it could be a few centuries into the future, during the 31st term of President Trump Al Saud. However far-flung the […]

Project X Zone 2 review

It’s hard to describe Project X Zone 2 without using the phrase “fan service.” Because that’s exactly what it is. A decadent celebration of crossovers, rife with in-jokes, sometimes inappropriate humour, and the kind of quasi-innocent and often contentious sauciness that permeates many anime. As a game, it’s a relatively light offering, mashing the feel […]

Californium review

I’m sat in a chair stabbing at a clacking typewriter in an attempt to get Californium’s central character, sci-fi hack Elvin Green, out of a fug of cheap beer and amphetamines and over his writing block, when there’s a hollow thump, thump, thump at the door. And so I stand, look out across Green’s scrappy […]

Prospekt review

It’s been 11 years and four months since the release of Half-Life 2, and eight years and five months since Valve left Gordon Freeman’s tale agonisingly unfinished in Episode 2. Not that I’m counting the days or anything. Just the months. And years. But it’s fair to say that, by this point, fans of what […]

Street Fighter 5 review

In moving Street Fighter into the next generation, Capcom has rejigged the famous fighting game series not just in its core combat, but in its structure – each with varying success. The match to match fighting, as you’d expect from Capcom, is brilliant. It’s just a shame that features you’d expect to be included at […]

Layers of Fear review

If a tree falls in a forest with nobody present, does it make a noise? Does the moon exist when there’s no-one to look at it? And is the hallway behind me still an ominous jumble of ornate casements and baleful oil paintings, or has it turned into something else? Layers of Fear makes space […]

Firewatch review

Her first question is: what’s wrong with you? That’s Delilah, Henry’s new boss, talking to him over the radio as he takes in his surroundings. As luck would have it, I knew exactly what was wrong with him. I’d spent the game’s opening minutes choosing between quiet human tragedies in order to give Henry a […]

Unravel review

A promising but, in the end, disposable cousin of Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet, Unravel is built around the idea that love is literally a thread – a spool of shimmering red yarn that usefully doubles as a grappling line. Your task as the game’s adorable (if vaguely demonic-looking) doll protagonist is to save a lonely old […]

Gravity Rush Remastered review

This might seem an odd thing to write, but Bluepoint Games is currently one of my favourite developers. You can bemoan the circumstances that this Austin, Texas remaster specialist is profiting from – the holes that, two years in, continue to gape in Sony’s internal game production schedule for PlayStation 4, with multiple major projects […]

Not a Hero review

Not a Hero is released on PlayStation 4 this week. Here’s our review of the PC game, first published on 14th May 2015. All of the action in Not a Hero is precipitated by Bunnylord, an anthropomorphised purple rabbit that wants to win elections by fighting crime. Well, by your fighting crime on his behalf […]

Cobalt review

At first, Cobalt feels wonderfully rambling and wayward, a game that has clearly relaxed into a lengthy development and then decided to just spread out a little. I get the impression its developers have followed whims, and so: campaign, multiplayer modes, challenges. Guns, throwables, melee. Pets, lockpicking, hacking games, loot, stealth, active-reloads, co-op, block-mining, in-game […]

American Truck Simulator review

Other games have promised the free-spirited thrill of the open road, but few have delivered it quite so well as SCS Software’s truck simulator series. Maybe it’s something in the mundane honesty of their sojourns, where long stretches of tarmac between the likes of Southampton and Sheffield pass by with a soporific hum while you […]

The Westport Independent review

Though Pravda is well-known as the Russian Communist Party’s official newspaper, it’s always worth remembering that it didn’t start out like that. Pravda was initially a magazine that covered the arts, literature and society-at-large, before being taken over at editorial level by Bolsheviks and becoming the organ of record for tractor production. At some point […]

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