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FIFA 17 review

It’s been 23 years since FIFA International Soccer, the first FIFA game, was released. For more than two decades, EA has taken its most successful product, tweaked it slightly, added a few marketing phrases and released new annual editions to huge success. Often it’s little more than the rosters that can objectively be said to […]

Virginia review

The world is a maze, and the minotaur lurks at the centre. What form will it take? I shouldn’t really talk about it. Everything about Virginia is a potential spoiler, and I want to spoil as little as possible. It’s not even the plot so much as the manner in which things unfold that you’ll […]

The Bunker review

If you are of a certain age, you may have had dreams like this: dreams in which the men in the masks come, in which the world is poisoned and you’re dragged away to some hole in the ground to escape from the toxic sky. It was always the men in the masks that really […]

Master of Orion review

1993 was a splendid year for PC gaming – perhaps the very best there’s been – with Dune 2, Syndicate, X-Wing and Myst all establishing or championing their respective genres. Today of course we’re teased flickers of X-Wing in the forthcoming Star Wars Battlefront DLC and with Obduction, released just last week, Cyan Worlds is […]

Metroid Prime Federation Force review

This, then, is how Nintendo has chosen to mark Metroid’s 30th anniversary. And this is how Nintendo has elected to break six years of silence for one of its most celebrated series: a co-op shooter with chibi visuals in which Samus Aran, the stoic bounty hunter who’s fronted every Metroid to date, is relegated to […]

AMD Radeon RX 460 review

AMD has scored two solid hits with its initial brace of Polaris 10-based graphics cards, with both RX 470 and RX 480 offering good performance at well-judged price points. These two products essentially allow for console-beating visual quality at 1080p60. The new RX 460 is different – based on the smaller Polaris 11 processor, the […]

No Man's Sky review

“Undiscovered.” This word, appearing in tooltips that hover by waypoints, moons, planets and star systems, is No Man’s Sky’s sales pitch in a nutshell. In this remarkable game of space exploration, a universe has been born by algorithm, and it’s so incomprehensibly vast that the chances of seeing anything another player has seen are vanishingly […]

Nvidia Titan X Pascal review

With AMD’s focus elsewhere in the graphics market, Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1080 has held an iron grip on the GPU top-end, offering a phenomenal level of performance, in exchange for a hefty price-premium. The new Titan X Pascal ups the ante still further: even more power, and an even higher price of entry. The bottom […]

Microsoft Xbox One S review

In many ways, the new Xbox One S is the physical embodiment of Microsoft’s efforts in reconnecting with the core gamer. Gone are the functional, slab-like set-top box aesthetics of the original hardware and in comes a fresh new design. Yes, it’s smaller, lighter, more refined – but most crucially, this is a piece of […]

Abzu review

ABZ (to give it its stylised title, and spare a thought for the poor SEO team on this one) is a slow, thoughtful indie adventure – but you probably clocked then when you saw the circumflex over the U. I know, I know, when it comes to indie games you always rock up for the […]

Quadrilateral Cowboy review

In Quadrilateral Cowboy, a surreal indie game of hacking and heists, you pull out your ‘deck’ – a briefcase-sized, late-80s/early-90s portable computer with a fold-out screen and a DOS prompt – and type on it to hack systems and command gizmos. Only, you’re not really doing this. You’re actually gazing into the virtual reality goggles […]

AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB vs 8GB review

We have unfinished business with the Radeon RX 480. When we initially reviewed the card, we took a look at the 8GB reference version – as supplied by AMD. However, the main selling point of the product is the $199 price-tag, which sees us move firmly into 4GB territory. UK prices for this model are […]

The Assembly review

One of the pleasures of VR is seeing old genres reinvented or reinvigorated by an all-new perspective. The Assembly, nDream’s sci-fi moral adventure created bespoke for virtual reality, is a case in point – it’s a slow-paced, combat free exploration adventure told from the perspectives of two different characters, enhanced by the simple and essential […]

Monster Hunter: Generations review

Being a long-time fan and a three-time reviewer of Monster Hunter, I feel like I’ve seen it all. I must have sunk somewhere between 500 and 750 hours of finger-cramping killing and crafting into Capcom’s series, and, although I’m not exactly a god-tier G-Rank player, I know my way around a Kut-Ku’s cojones. Nonetheless, each […]

BoxBoxBoy! review

I loved the first BoxBoy! The line art! The friendly chunks of platform puzzling! The hero who could sprout cubes from his body to overcome hurdles! The exclamation mark! BoxBoxBoy! is an easy sell, then, and that’s before you get to its big idea. And as big ideas go, it’s wonderfully fit for purpose: game-changing […]

AMD Radeon RX 480 review

The Radeon RX 480 is a seriously impressive package. It’s not the fastest graphics card on the market, but then it wasn’t designed to be. AMD has targeted its Polaris technology debut at the mainstream gamer, the idea being to deliver exceptional 1080p gaming performance and VR readiness at a price that simply can’t be […]

Umbrella Corps review

Resident Evil has been many, varied things throughout its 20 year history. A haunted house adventure, a sprawling action game, a wayward co-op shooter and even a vague console MMO. Next year, with the recently unveiled Resident Evil 7, there’s even the novel promise of a horror game. Before then, though, we have this. Umbrella […]

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