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Edge of Nowhere review

One of the most exciting powers of VR is the power to make developers see things afresh. Edge of Nowhere is hardly an enormously experimental title – Insomniac’s first Oculus outing is a traditional action-horror game about an expedition to the South Pole that goes terribly awry – but I’m not sure the team would […]

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator review

The Guilty Gear series is driven by the unmistakeable hunger of the underdog. When series creator Daisuke Ishiwatari was a university student he obsessed over how he could design a fighting game to compete with the genre’s heavyweights, Capcom’s Street Fighter and SNK’s King of Fighters. His solution was twofold: a thematic lunge away from […]

Kirby: Planet Robobot review

The cynical view of Planet Robobot is that it’s a stopgap. A schedule-filler. It’s Nintendo calling a favour from one of its most reliable development partners while most of its internal studios busy themselves preparing games for a new hardware debut. This is, in many ways, the ideal game to buoy the 3DS in its […]

Total War: Warhammer Review

Total War: Warhammer is full of elephants. If you’ve played Rome: Total War, you have to remember the first time you encountered the Carthaginians. Here you’d been, building proper Roman armies, with swords and shields and bows and arrows, designed to defeat nations with fewer resources and aging technology. And then you run into Carthage, […]

Fire Emblem Fates review

In Fire Emblem, there’s one command that conquers all – one simple instruction that defeats the sharpest sword, an expertly aimed arrow or the most brutal of axes. Your forces might be diminished, your very best soldiers lying limp on the battlefield never to return, but you can sidestep the lasting effects with one input. […]

LG G5 review

Browsing your local mobile phone emporium, it’s hard not to feel a slight twinge of regret that we’re no longer blessed with the kind of variety that typified the “feature” phone era; that wild and often unpredictable age before Apple and Google dominated the landscape and big-screen mobiles were the norm. Firms like Nokia, Samsung, […]

Stellaris Review

Space is quiet, for a little while. Unlike Paradox’s other grand strategy games, Stellaris doesn’t tell you everything from the start. You’re not ready for that yet. If you’re a bit of a space romantic, you might look out at the great expanse and get a sense that something’s happening out there in the darkness. […]

Offworld Trading Company review

I’ll begin with this, so as to establish my position. I am a terrible capitalist. I come from a background in which there is an inherent guilt associated with wealth. Not one of radical communism or fierce anarchy, but that quietly parochial English shame which afflicts all matters pecuniary. As much as I’d like to […]

Severed review

Severed is a very innovative game for 2011. When touchscreen gameplay became a new phenomena we had no shortage of titles like Infinity Blade and Fruit Ninja pioneering ways to merge touchscreen input with the precise thrill of an action game. The results weren’t always elegant, but they were novel. DrinkBox Studios (Guacamelee!, Mutant Blobs […]

Yo-Kai Watch review

As a child, I used to believe that there was more to the world than meets the eye. Not fairies, of course. Nothing so diaphanous or innocent. Growing up in Malaysia, my imagination swarmed with hungry ghosts and pontianaks, and all the other things that go bump in the Southeast Asian night. Yo-Kai Watch reminds […]

Star Fox Zero review

In the 19 years since Star Fox 64 there have been a handful of new entries in the series, but full-on sequels? Not so much. Rare’s Star Fox Adventures was a famously wayward appropriation of the universe, Q-Games’ Command a noble and enjoyable experiment that put the series back on rails but shot a little […]

Ratchet & Clank review

Insomniac Games has made a lot of Ratchet & Clank games. From Going Commando to Into the Nexus, the Burbank studio has spent years reiterating its formula, perfecting the art of adventure. In fact, this game (based on the movie, based on the game) marks Insomniac’s eleventh Ratchet & Clank game. Eleventh! What a lovely […]

Dark Souls 3 review

Editor’s note: Dark Souls 3 releases worldwide today, so to mark the occasion here’s our review of From Software’s farewell to its fantasy universe, first published last week. In an industry built on sequels there are plenty of also-rans – those that fail to move on, those that change too much, and those that can’t […]

1979 Revolution review

In a post 9/11 world Muslims haven’t exactly had the most rounded portrayal in the west – though when it comes to video games they never had much positive representation before 9/11 either. At worst they’re sprinkled into shooters as enemy cannon fodder, and at best represented as innocent civilians you’re protecting from their homeland’s […]

HTC Vive review

One of the big strengths of Oculus Rift is its plug-and-play simplicity. Put the camera sensor on the desk, plug in the cables and one simple calibration later you’re good to go. There’s a certain level of simplicity to it, tempered only by the nagging feeling that the product’s feature-set just isn’t complete. HTC Vive […]

Enter the Gungeon review

Game designers learn about this power early into their careers. The virtual gun remains the most useful tool in the designer’s box; nothing is better suited to giving players the ability to affect objects both near and far, or with such delicious kickback of cause and effect. Click. Bang. Thud. Virtual guns make us feel […]

Hardcore Henry review

One hot summer’s day as a young teen, I casually sauntered into our local computer shop. Sat in the corner was a PC, running a copy of Wolfenstein 3D. Although I’d seen primitive 3D games before, I’d never seen anything like this, and I got stuck in. I killed Nazis. I opened doors. I reluctantly […]

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