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Sony Platinum Wireless Headset review

Sony’s new Platinum Headset is the new upgrade to the excellent Wireless Headset 2.0 released three years ago, known as the ‘Gold’ headset in North America. The new offering is an accomplished piece of hardware based on more robust build materials, notably featuring higher quality 50mm speaker drivers, along with a unique 3D ‘object-based’ surround […]

Google Pixel review

When Google announced the Nexus One back in 2010 it marked an important turning point for the company’s Android mobile operating system. While Google’s vision had always been different to Apple’s – the aim being to create an OS standard that other hardware manufacturers could support, like Microsoft’s Windows platform on computers – what was […]

Assassin's Creed film review

Like his shiny set of Assassin blades, Michael Fassbender dual-wields the main roles in Assassin’s Creed – those of present day thug Callum Lynch and Spanish Inquisition ancestor Aguilar. It means Fassbender is always the film’s focus, the sharp end of its blade designed to ensure Ubisoft’s biggest gaming series penetrates ever further into the […]

Super Mario Run review

Is it a spoiler to say there are ghost houses in Super Mario Run? If so, my apologies. Consider yourself spoiled. And yet, because this is Mario – and because these are ghost houses – the spoiler does not really spoil very much. I only mention the ghost houses at all because the first one […]

Samsung KS7000 4K TV review

By David Bierton Published 03/12/2016 When we first tested Samsung’s KS7000, the all-important game mode wasn’t available when viewing HDR material, instead limiting the display to movie mode and a mammoth 117ms of input latency – and that was a massive shame. Samsung’s display technology is excellent, its HDR implementation has much to commend it, […]

Alienware Alpha R2 review

Three years into their respective lifecycles, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have relaunched in smaller, slimmer incarnations – but neither of them holds a candle to the Alienware Alpha’s form-factor. It remains an absolutely tiny, ultra-cute piece of PC technology – and this new R2 incarnation is now a whole lot more powerful, having swapped […]

ICARUS.1 review

Perhaps you’ve seen a movie called Cargo? No, Jason Statham isn’t in it. It’s a dystopian sci-fi film from Switzerland that was a Netflix mainstay for years, concerning the crew of a space freighter and a potentially dangerous cargo that needed delivering to a distant station. Of course the movie description and thumbnail DVD cover […]

Rollercoaster Tycoon World review

My experience playing Rollercoaster Tycoon World began with confusion. Upon launching, it presented me with an entirely black screen, and remained that way for the duration of my mid-afternoon coffee-break. As black screens go it’s a very good one, the kind of fathomless void you’d expect Lovecraftian horrors to float around in. In fact, I […]

Planet Coaster review

If you’ve ever been to Disneyland, California, you’ll probably know about the so-called stretch rooms that kick off the park’s legendary Haunted Mansion ride. On entering Disney’s spooky old house, you’re ushered into a windowless chamber that begins to change almost imperceptibly as your disembodied host bids you welcome, elongating so that its once perfectly […]

Motorsport Manager review

Disappointment is an inherent part of motorsport. Maybe it’s not where you’ll find the bulk of the appeal, but it’s certainly a massive part of the reality. It’s about crashing out in your final ever home grand prix, coasting to a halt within minutes of a surefire victory in a 24 hour race or frittering […]

Pokémon Sun and Moon review

Pokmon has often been a series trading on nostalgia. That warm, fuzzy and sort of sickening feeling some of us are prone to when thinking back to simpler times of link cables, your dad’s Game Boy, and maybe the occasional semi-exploitative playground trade. Pokmon’s relied on the stirring up of wistful reflection for so long […]

Watch Dogs 2 review

Three weeks before Watch Dogs 2’s release, hackers co-opted millions of connected devices around the world – principally security cameras, but also other web-connected domestic devices – and combined their power in an attack that took great swathes of the internet offline. For most of us, the attack, by perpetrators whose identity remains unknown, was […]

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