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Hey! Pikmin review

On the surface, Pikmin is one of Nintendo’s most adorable creations. A tiny spaceman called Captain Olimar marshals an army of even tinier plant sprites which swarm and scurry around an environment that looks, to him, like an exotic alien planet, but to us like our back yard. Even its inspiration is bucolic: the idea […]

The End is Nigh review

The End is Nigh has quite the trailer. Presented as a fourth wall-breaking Let’s Play video about a blob named Ash (voiced by Red Letter Media’s Rich Evans) playing through a minimalist pixelated platformer called The End is Nigh, all seems well with the affable Ash until tragedy strikes and he gets a game-over. Only […]

Black the Fall review

An individual escapes his fate in an oppressive dystopia, moving across a landscape defined by monolithic yet crumbling industry: train yards, ironworks, storm drains and sinister research labs. The machine seems to produce nothing but grinds on, using people like meat. It’s all stained concrete and rent steel, described in hard blue light, long shadows […]

Splatoon 2 review

A couple of years back, there was a struggle to place a label on the original Splatoon. Was Nintendo’s colourful Wii U exclusive a shooter or wasn’t it? I came away perfectly content with the answer that it was simply a Nintendo game, in the very best definition of the term – something new and […]

Ever Oasis review

There’s a curiously old-fashioned feel to Ever Oasis – though perhaps not so curious when you realise it’s been made by Grezzo, the studio hitherto best known for its 3DS remakes of Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, and led by Secret of Mana director Koichi Ishii. Like those games, its origins seem to lie […]

Emily is Away Too review

Emily is Away Too is a choose-your-own-adventure masquerading as a knock-off instant messenger from the early 2000s. For a certain subset of people, it’ll also likely be dizzyingly nostalgic, invoking memories of staying up late, exchanging music, and hoping no one shouts at you to free up the phone line. More than anything, however, Emily […]

Arms review

Let’s start with the music, because it’s the first thing you’ll come across when booting up Arms, Nintendo’s all-new Switch exclusive. Caixa and surdo drums burst into a rhythm met by a bright chorus being sung through the widest of smiles. It’s a tune I haven’t been able to stop humming ever since first hearing […]

Impact Winter review

There’s a good game somewhere in the marrow of Impact Winter. Mojo Bones’ new “survival RPG adventure” is gorgeous, and it looks like the developers’ most ambitious venture yet. Unfortunately, it’s pockmarked with a considerable amount of issues. Before I get to the complaints, let’s talk about the game. So, what is Impact Winter? Wikipedia […]

Old Man's Journey review

Old Man’s Journey feels a lot like a children’s book – one of those beautiful ones, with huge illustrations brightly printed on decent paper. The kind a certain kind of person might not really want to read with actual children, who would spill things, crease things, crayon all over things. The kind that might have […]

Strafe review

What’s the most important component of a good FPS? Is it violence? No. Is it smart level design? That can certainly make your shooter interesting and memorable, but it isn’t a prerequisite to enjoyment. Is it fast movement? Again, that won’t hurt your chances. But like all these other hallmark elements of FPS design, it […]

Beat Cop review

The Brooklyn of Beat Cop often feels like the New York that I love, re-rendered in pixel art. Brownstone buildings crowded with mom-and-pop stores; hotdog carts doing business, street dancers on the curb; cats lounging on window sills; metalheads rocking out, dudes bursting onto their balconies to perform their morning aerobics, unmoved by the thought […]

Dawn of War 3 review

There is great joy to be had in watching big things smash into each other. It’s a fact. A prima facie truth, which Relic Entertainment’s long awaited Warhammer 40,000 strategy sequel understands more than any other in its genre. Within minutes of my first multiplayer game in Dawn of War 3 – a feisty one-on-one […]

Scanner Sombre review

Introversion, the independent studio once styled as the last of the bedroom coders before bedroom coding became a thing all over again, doesn’t tend to rush things. Prison Architect spent some three years in early access before finally crossing the line, and yet Scanner Sombre – remarkably only the studio’s sixth title in its 16 […]

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