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Old Man's Journey review

Old Man’s Journey feels a lot like a children’s book – one of those beautiful ones, with huge illustrations brightly printed on decent paper. The kind a certain kind of person might not really want to read with actual children, who would spill things, crease things, crayon all over things. The kind that might have […]

Strafe review

What’s the most important component of a good FPS? Is it violence? No. Is it smart level design? That can certainly make your shooter interesting and memorable, but it isn’t a prerequisite to enjoyment. Is it fast movement? Again, that won’t hurt your chances. But like all these other hallmark elements of FPS design, it […]

Beat Cop review

The Brooklyn of Beat Cop often feels like the New York that I love, re-rendered in pixel art. Brownstone buildings crowded with mom-and-pop stores; hotdog carts doing business, street dancers on the curb; cats lounging on window sills; metalheads rocking out, dudes bursting onto their balconies to perform their morning aerobics, unmoved by the thought […]

Dawn of War 3 review

There is great joy to be had in watching big things smash into each other. It’s a fact. A prima facie truth, which Relic Entertainment’s long awaited Warhammer 40,000 strategy sequel understands more than any other in its genre. Within minutes of my first multiplayer game in Dawn of War 3 – a feisty one-on-one […]

Scanner Sombre review

Introversion, the independent studio once styled as the last of the bedroom coders before bedroom coding became a thing all over again, doesn’t tend to rush things. Prison Architect spent some three years in early access before finally crossing the line, and yet Scanner Sombre – remarkably only the studio’s sixth title in its 16 […]

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 review

For all of its flaws, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 certainly grows on you. You’ve got to see through the worst of its problems before it gets there, though. It starts off rough, force-feeding you exposition and not relenting until it lets you loose on your first proper mission some 30 minutes later. What it sets […]

AMD Radeon RX 580/ RX 570 review

AMD call it Polaris refined, but to all intents and purposes, RX 570 and RX 580 are indeed upclocked versions of their predecessors. There’s the same complement of 32 and 36 compute units respectively, power efficiency is diminished in the quest for higher frequencies and by extension, the emphasis this time is on increased performance. […]

LG OLED B6 4K TV review

By David Bierton Published 17/04/2017 What is the best 4K screen for gaming? In terms of performance for the price, the Samsung KS7000 and KS8000 are difficult to beat, but as good as they are, there are compromises. Meanwhile, in the background, LG’s phenomenal B6 OLED TV has gradually dropped in price, while boosting its […]

Mr. Shifty review

Remember that opening scene in the second X-Men movie where Nightcrawler teleports his way through the White House, knocking out armed guards left and right as he swiftly punctures the barriers between public spaces and the president of the United States? Mr. Shifty is a lot like that. The title character even maintains Kurt Wagner’s […]

The Signal from Tölva review

The Signal from Tölva is an open-world wasteland game of unusual profundity, its trash activating a set of cultural reference points that extend far beyond Mad Max-bred cliché. Sculpted by former Aardman Animations artist Olly Skillman-Wilson from concept pieces created by ex-Rockstar doodler Ian McQue, the game’s titular planet is a wilderness of crash-landed starships […]

Super Bomberman R review

Some comparisons can cut both ways. Super Bomberman R, an unlikely revival for Hudson Soft’s classic series as it celebrates its 33rd anniversary, feels like the product of another age. In its power pop colour and with its kernel of proven multiplayer brilliance, it’s every inch a forgotten Dreamcast classic that’s been freshly unearthed. With […]

Snipperclips review

In many ways, Snipperclips is the perfect proof-of-concept for Nintendo’s Switch. It isn’t much of a technical showcase, but it’s a wonderful advert for the console’s flexibility as a multiplayer and social device. It’s easy to set-up (just split the Joy-Cons and go) and perfect for an impromptu gaming session: you don’t need a lot […]

Stories Untold review

Editor’s note: Emily discusses the premise of each Stories Untold episode below. If you’d rather not spoil things for yourself, play before reading. We’re nearly two decades into the new millennium, but so much of our cultural identity is still lodged somewhere in the latter half of the 20th century – the retro synths of […]

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