Castrol Nexcel Puts Your Oil And Filter Into An Easy-To-Swap Box

If you own a car, you’ve probably considered, or even actually attempted, to change your own oil at least once. It’s really one of the easier jobs you can do with a car; drain the oil, change the filter, add new oil. Still, it’s dirty, it’s unpleasant, and it’s time-consuming; you can easily spend hours getting your oil up to snuff. Castrol wants to change all of that with the Nexcel.

Oil And Water

The Nexcel is as simple as plug and play. The oil and the filter are in a cartridge, and to change them, you just pull out the old box and slot in the new box. You don’t even need to get under your car; you can just pop the hood and swap it out. You won’t throw it out, either: Castrol has a recycling program for the oil that gets it back into other cars.

It’s also built to take a beating; they’ve tested the system in all kinds of cars and it can take braking of up to 1.8G. Very few cars get up to the kind of speeds that would even damage this system, and it can even pump 158 gallons of oil a minute.

Really the only downside is you can’t get it already; right now, it’s only being used in the Aston Martin Vulcan.

Changing Your Oil Change

Castrol Nexcel being swapped

Castrol Nexcel being hot swapped from the engine bay; the quickest oil change ever.

That said, it’s hard to see such a useful, cost-saving system being locked away in supercars for very long. A lot of people love their cars, or at least love saving money by not going to the local Spee-Dee-Lube, and it seems like they’ve worked out how to install the system. Of course, the real test is going to be making this standard; your local lube joint probably isn’t going to be happy technology is making it obsolete.

Updated: October 21, 2015 — 3:00 pm

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