Aware Coin Can Track Your Car and Apps – for $9

Have you ever wanted to track a car? The reason doesn’t matter, Aware is ready to help you out – for less than you’d pay for a movie ticket.

To be clear, at a closer glance the Aware Coin and accompanying app seem less like a P.I.’s new tool and more like a method of monitoring your own auto statistics. The Coin itself is a bit bigger than a quarter and can go nearly anywhere on your vehicle.

Yes, this Bluetooth auto tech can absolutely track where your car is: The app will even pop up on your lock screen when you get near your car, so you can quickly locate via the digital map provided. Parked near a meter? The sensor is smart enough to know it (we assume this only works with newer, fancier meters) and help you set up a timer. It can also warn about street cleaning and more.

Aware Deal

Aware’s price is one of it’s primary attractions.

But there are lots of smart sensors out there for your car security. Aware tries to stand apart with additional features. There’s a contextual launch capability that’s particular interesting – it gives you app space on your phone for both your car and your plans. All your favorite car apps (Spotify, timers, Waze, Reminders, etc.) are grouped in one spot to be launched when you near your car, so you don’t have to go looking for anything.

Aware is also boasting about the ability to integrate data from various apps, although not much information is available on that. Future updates to the app are expected to add more functionality and new features like a “do not disturb mode.”

But the most interesting is the price: You can find the Aware Coin for sale anywhere between $9 and $12 (depending on shipping), which has to make it one of the cheapest smart devices on sale. You can find out more on the website and buy the tracker if you want, but be warned: Sellers like Amazon are already sold out for the holidays.

Updated: December 15, 2015 — 5:51 pm

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