Here's what Apple's $14.5 billion in Irish taxes looks like in Apple products

Image: vicky leta/mashable composite By Nicole Gallucci2016-08-30 22:40:00 UTC After an in-depth analysis of Apple, the European Commission found that Ireland gave the company illegal tax benefits worth $14.5 billion (€13 billion). On Tuesday, after a three-year investigation into Apple’s Irish tax affairs, Apple was ordered to pay the €13 billion to the Irish government. […]

PlayStation Store Update

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Facebook Offers gets revamped for mobile, now lets you track saved coupons in a dedicated section

Facebook’s goal of tracking ads all the way through to a customer’s purchase at point-of-sale is getting a big boost today with a makeover of the Facebook Offers program. Now designed to be more mobile-friendly, Facebook is allowing businesses to create two kinds of offers – those customers can redeem online and those they redeem in-store – while also […]

Eight-player TowerFall is now a thing

UPDATE 30/08/2016 6.23pm: TowerFall Ascension is coming to Xbox One, developer Matt Thorson said on Twitter. “No release date yet, but I’m playing it and it’s awesome,” he stated. ORIGINAL STORY 30/08/2016 5.18pm: Local multiplayer archery-based platformer TowerFall Ascension now has an official eight-player spin-off. My advice: enable ‘Trigger Corpses’ which allows fallen players to […]

Wayfair snatches up Boston startup Trumpit to bring photo & video messaging to its mobile app

Online furniture shop Wayfair has acquired a Boston-based mobile messaging application called Trumpit, with the aim of utilizing its technology in order to expand its customer service offerings. So yes, that means messaging will be a part of the mobile Wayfair application in the future. Today, the app only offers users the ability to email or call the company when […]

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